Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's

Posting my status for those that lurk here that don't have a fb page.

Everyone be safe and have a wonderful time tonight. Much love to you and hope for a fantastic New Year. create your own luck, your own magic and only you can make your dreams into goals...into realities. Let go of fear and live the life you were meant to live...and keep smilin' .

MWAH ;-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just call me Cassandra

Gotta love it.  Most of the time when I talk, I know what I'm talking about.  If I don't, I either keep my mouth shut or ask questions so I can learn.  I'm intuitive, I'm practical and much of what I "claim" to know, I actually have the experience to back it up.  So why the f*ck would anyone listen to a damn word I say, huh?

What has gotten my feathers all in a bunch this time is the subject of weight loss with two important folks in my life.  It essentially comes down to if they don't get a clue, they will die...and sooner, not later.

Why would I know anything about healthy weight loss?  Could it be that before I got pregnant with my first child I went from 155 lbs and a size 12 to 116 lbs and a size 2?  It took from March until August.  I was healthy, active and in the best shape of my life.  Now I've lost 40 lbs baby weight without really putting in a lot of serious effort...but I don't know jack about jack.

How did I do it?  EXERCISE mainly....that and the Weight Watchers diet.  It works...I get balanced healthy meals, I generally feel good and I don't cut out the things I adore.  If I want a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and fries, I have it, dammit.  I just don't eat that way all the time.  I'm too much of a sensualist to deprive myself of any of my creature comforts...but I do practice moderation (tends to make the things I enjoy occasionally oh so much better).  Oh...and I rarely go out to eat.  That shit tastes wonderful, but it'll kill you if you do it all the time.

And yes, I hear a few of you interjecting with the "sometimes you don't eat breakfast or lunch and I have to yell at you" comment.  Honestly, when I'm doing things this way...I do VERY well.  I eat what meals I'm supposed to.  REALLY.  Sh...I hear you.  I DO!  That one time I just messed up...that's all....I'm smarter now.

So...I know what I'm talking about, right?  So what do the two people I'm telling this to do...completely tune me out and continue on with their "low carb" diet with little to no exercise.  Always a great plan for people who have a family history of heart disease and strokes.  Plus, it makes your breath smell.

But yeah...why listen to me....I had a baby 4 months ago and am wearing a size 8 (and 5 lbs away from my pre-Sam weight).

And I even drink beer.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The power of red boots usurps the power of orange knickers

Oh my, my.  Oh hell yes.  I gotsta put on my party dress.  Sorry....not editing my brain today and it's such an odd place to be.  It's a junkie returning to her favorite drug after being sober for 20 years, I have 100% returned to my boot fetish.  Now, I'm not a fluffy girl (it's not what I do).  I could give two shits about my hair (as long as it lays well), whether my nails are manicured perfectly or if my mascara is applied just right.  I hate that takes time away from makes you behave so you don't "fuck up" whatever polished image you think you create.  It keeps you from really diving into life...but...

Hot damn.  You really need to see my new red streetwalker boots.  I mean...HOT, HOT damn.  They oooooze sex.  High healed, fire engine red, zips up the side for the perfect fit...perfectly elongating the leg...appropriate for both jeans and skirts.  Okay, I know...I'm gushing.

Those that have known me for 20+ years completely get this.  I was the girl who totally never dressed up...wore concert t-shirt and jeans, but dammit...I had boots to match the colors in every t-shirt I wore.  Black, red, white, purple, brown, hot pink...even fucking TEAL.  It's the only seriously vain thing I was ever into.  Mmmm...vanity can be oh so fun.  I think every time I put on my new red beauties, I'm going to adopt the saucy streetwalker attitude to go with them.  I think I'll call them my "Trouble" boots.  Tee hee hee.

Call your your mothers...hide your children.  This bitch is BACK.  Muah ha ha ha!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wants, hopes, wishes, dreams and goals

I'm sort of wondering if I'll ever have moments where there isn't deep reflection on some aspect of my life.  There are so many people that just skip through life thinking of nothing more than their next purchase or their next moment of self gratification.  Seems much simpler, but I don't think I'd like to be that sort of person.  My depth is a weight sometimes, my need to constantly analyze and make sense of the world around me can be a bit of a burden, but it gives me strength and hope.  It makes damn sure that I'm trying to be the best person I can be...

Being an entirely too complex person, an entirely too stubborn person (okay, okay...I'll admit it), being an incredibly dedicated and tenacious person kind of makes you feel like you never have a day off.  Honestly, though, I'm okay with that.  Wanna know why?  Because being that sort of person, you have the ability to turn dreams into goals...into realities.  The only way you ever fail when you're trying to make a dream come true is when you give up...when you stop trying.

Now maybe my dreams are more practical or down to earth than others...I don't know...or maybe they're not.  Maybe I'm just braver (in an incredibly cautious way).  I just feel that if you have a dream in your heart, something that sets you on fire, something your soul needs then it's ridiculous not to try to make it happen.

I have a very important dream in my that I almost gave I almost let go.  I was foolish in that.  Now I'm back to working to achieve it.  I'm breaking it down into steps...little strides that will get me there...and I will get there.  I will not give up on it...and don't give up on me either.  I'll show everyone that it's entirely possible to make this life into what you want it to be.  I will be the example of what you can do if you just believe.

Because magic does exist...but it's up to us to create it...and up to us to recognize it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Okay....let's try this again

So it seems that some people are missing my writing.  I have lurkers apparently, since I only have two official followers.  Now I'm sure I'll be as sporadic as ever the next few months, but I finally have a good excuse.  I have the two cutest munchkins on the planet, but...yikes!  You know that whole curse of having one just like you?  I have two.  I'm thinking a crucifix and holy water are in order (j/k).

So back on the blogging horse, I guess.  I do miss writing (and showering daily...and eating...oh and sleeping).  Wish me luck :)