Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wants, hopes, wishes, dreams and goals

I'm sort of wondering if I'll ever have moments where there isn't deep reflection on some aspect of my life.  There are so many people that just skip through life thinking of nothing more than their next purchase or their next moment of self gratification.  Seems much simpler, but I don't think I'd like to be that sort of person.  My depth is a weight sometimes, my need to constantly analyze and make sense of the world around me can be a bit of a burden, but it gives me strength and hope.  It makes damn sure that I'm trying to be the best person I can be...

Being an entirely too complex person, an entirely too stubborn person (okay, okay...I'll admit it), being an incredibly dedicated and tenacious person kind of makes you feel like you never have a day off.  Honestly, though, I'm okay with that.  Wanna know why?  Because being that sort of person, you have the ability to turn dreams into goals...into realities.  The only way you ever fail when you're trying to make a dream come true is when you give up...when you stop trying.

Now maybe my dreams are more practical or down to earth than others...I don't know...or maybe they're not.  Maybe I'm just braver (in an incredibly cautious way).  I just feel that if you have a dream in your heart, something that sets you on fire, something your soul needs then it's ridiculous not to try to make it happen.

I have a very important dream in my that I almost gave I almost let go.  I was foolish in that.  Now I'm back to working to achieve it.  I'm breaking it down into steps...little strides that will get me there...and I will get there.  I will not give up on it...and don't give up on me either.  I'll show everyone that it's entirely possible to make this life into what you want it to be.  I will be the example of what you can do if you just believe.

Because magic does exist...but it's up to us to create it...and up to us to recognize it.


  1. I totally agree with your post. I am currently traveling that road for my own dreams. It has been well worth it, sure there have been detours but I like to think that these detours will just make the end that much more worth it.

    I am glad you are back to writing. I look forward to reading.

  2. Glad to hear! I actually think the detours teach you things that help your wishes come true...that they help set the sure it up.

    Thanks. I blame you and Alicia for me coming back to this. :)

  3. Moi? LOL

    The Chef could have written this... and I am so very happy to hear that you are back at it.

  4. Apparently there's some kind of thing happening in the ethers...something that is going "live your dreams before it's too late".

    BTW...I'm really proud of you guys. I was gushing to my folks this weekend. They're going to Fracas sometime soon. Oh...and think you should do invitations professionally. Yes, I saved it!