Monday, January 10, 2011

Grumble, grumble....grumble

So I started writing the damn vampire book (because what are you going to do when you're up at 5:45 for no reason).  I'm not writing it for anything more than my own I doubt highly anyone will see it.  I'm just doing it to do it.  I figure it's good practice.

My half assed catalyst to the whole thing is I bought a book for my kindle that was supposed to be a comical vampire story.  Either I have absolutely no taste in comedy, or it's not really that funny.  So far, mine actually might be.  It's at least amusing me...which was really the whole point anyway.

Essentially...picture me as a vampire and you'll understand the wackiness that will ensue.  Too bad it's not really a valid choice in real life.  I'd have so much fun.  I sure as hell wouldn't whine about the human condition, nor put up with being that tortured soul bullshit.  I never understood the drama of those "deep" vampires who whined about what they were.  If anything I'd probably use it as an excuse to have more fun...imagine all the wonderful trouble I'd get into.  Ha ha.

We'll see how long this gig lasts...I actually have two bodies of work going at the same time.  Both are personal...I'll write for me just because it's fun.

Damn, I'm to grab some coffee and watch the burlesque movie I found on netflix before the demons awake.

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