Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In a mood

Probably shouldn't write anything publicly, but it's my blog so I'll write if I want to.  Seriously...just because you buy me shit doesn't mean it gives you the freedom to then act like either a moron or a jerk.  I have some people in my life who just absolutely suck at common sense, sensitivity, nurturing and caring love.  Instead of becoming better humans, working on having a real relationship with me, they just buy me stuff.  Now I know most full blooded Americans would go "but you get presents..stop whining".  Life to me is not about the stuff.  It never has been, it never will be.  Life to me is about love, friendship, laughter, close human relationships.  You can't bribe me to love you...you can't bribe me so I behave.  Treat me with respect, treat me like my thoughts and feelings matter, treat me with care and kindness, don't keep me around just for purely selfish, stroke your ego, make you feel less like a jerk reasons.  Keep me around for my big, dumb, beautiful heart that tries harder than 98% of the people out there..and give me the same respect and care I give you.

And don't make me feel guilty if after you buy me something, you act like a moron and I get pissed.  Don't give me something and then think it gives you a free pass to then walk all over me.  I don't need your fucking trinkets if I have to emotionally and physically pay for them.  It's not a present, it's a bribe to let you be a jerk and make me feel obligated to do what you want and keep my mouth shut.

I don't need gifts.  I don't need hush presents.  I just need to be treated with consideration...and I don't even need ass loads of that.  Maybe just half of the consideration I give would be nice to receive for a change.

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