Friday, January 7, 2011


Got your attention now, didn't I?  Ha ha.

First off I'd like to say that a person is able to do whatever they want to whoever they want without my judgement.  As long as you stay away from kids and animals, you're cool with me.  It's your life and it's your body.  Have fun.

That being said, here's where you can absolutely piss me off.  If you start thinking with your lady parts and get to the point where you don't care that you hurt your friends or that you can't be there for someone who's falling apart because having sex is more important to you, I get pissed.  REALLY pissed.

When you know a lot of people, you hear a lot of stories and have to witness a lot of things.  This is not the first time (nor the last time, I'm sure) that I've had to witness this.  Some people try to call it a sex addiction...I call it being an asshole.

You know, maybe I'm not as sexy as those girls who are like that.  Maybe I just can't compare...but you know what...I much rather have the person that I'm with think they're special because I'm with them, because I want them instead of them being just a tool to scratch an itch (or one of many).  I can't treat people as objects and sex to me is earthy and sensual..not least not like that.

I've also discovered an interesting thing...I'm a much more exciting partner by being the way I am.  I'm quality...and I want quality.  I want lots of frequent wild craziness with one person....if that makes me less sexier than those women...oh well.  Guaranteed I'm a lot more fun being me than they are being the way they are.

At least I think I am...

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