Thursday, January 6, 2011

Learning to live for me

Another step forward in the direction of living my life the way I want instead of the way I think I "should"

I'm auditioning for a new burlesque troupe down here this Saturday come hell or high water.  They're new...I'm out of practice with my singing and dancing, but dammit, I'm giving it a shot.  If I get nervous and fuck up, well I'll just volunteer for behind the scenes stuff until I get a chance to try again.  They are looking for attitude mostly...for someone with the guts to do it.

So I'm dusting off and polishing my giant pair of brass balls.  Yeah, they're going to need as much practice as my voice, but I'm going to do it.

Fear and what other people think aren't standing in my way anymore.  I'm going for what I want.  Either love me and support me or there's the door.

Because I'm charming, I'm sweet, I'm sexy and dammit I'm a catch.  This troupe needs me.


  1. Oh how very very cool. I need to do that. But instead I use "hassle" as road blocks and then fuss because I can't. Like I want to be a derby girl, but I have to hire a sitter, on a school night, blah blah and I still haven't done it.

    Good for you.