Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay...this is just damn weird.  Apparently there's this new campaign to get me to write a book.  Supposedly I'm funny and say things in entertaining ways.  Problem is, I don't think I'm entertaining or funny at all.  I think I'm a silly flake with a good grasp on sarcasm.  Not really sure what translates into "book" about that.

Yeah, I've had a gazzillion ideas through the years, but nothing really seems to be just right.  I did have an outline for a vampire story a few years back, but I'm sure as hell not jumping on that band wagon right now.

The most prevalent suggestion is for me to write about my life.  Do you know how much I'd have to water it down and change names to protect...well...EVERYBODY?  I seriously know way too much...and a large portion of my life isn't safe for public consumption anyway (and honestly...I like it that way).

I suppose I could just focus on the kids and being a mom...but in this day in age, would I have Children Services showing up at my door because I fed my kid peanut butter before he was a year?  I spank my 3 year old (trying to reason with an overly emotional child with my genetic makeup is just an exercise in futility), he isn't potty trained (because he's trying to out stubborn me) and there are days where locking him in the closet really does sound like a fine idea (yet an idea I won't do...I promise...sarcasm, remember).

I don't just want to write because people think I should.  Plus, the most fun stuff for me is erotica, and I'm damn sure the family members really don't want to read exactly how freakish I can be.

Meh....we'll see what happens.


  1. Erotica or my fantasies of locking my 3 year old in the closet??

  2. Both? But maybe not together. *raspberry*