Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on the burlesque

I'm bouncing around the house.  I'm just excited...laughing, joking, bawdy, silly.  There will be no auditions today.  It's been decided that it's just a meet and greet.  That's pretty great considering it gives me time to get out my Carmen Electra Learn to Strip stuff and actually attempt to get a routine together to go along with my throaty singing.  And I have time to find my feather boas...and time to find my lace up boots from my goth days and see if I can still wear them for at least a half an hour.  I'm completely over the moon.

I've spent the past few days (in my copious amount of free time) pricing new corsets and bustles and stockings and fishnets. I've watched tutorials on how to apply false eyelashes (because when I try, it's a hot mess).

I'm supposed to be more frightened than this.  How strange?  Instead I'm just becoming ever more confident and saucy.  I'm becoming jazzed like I used to be when I was in dance recitals.  Wow...who knew this all was still in there.  I thought that part of me was gone...the performer.  She's been quiet for 25 years (minus when I have a drink in hand dancing at a club that is).  Hell, she didn't even come out for choir in high school (one of you remembers the girl who only sang when she felt like it).  Damn, I've missed her...and I know damn sure the world ain't ready for her.  Oh well...tee hee hee.

So I'm going to get my hair done (not because of the's just a coincidence) and get all bubbly hanging out with my hair dresser (which she keeps encouraging because there's just "something about me"), let her play with my hair because she loves it when I let her..and now she has a purpose.  I'm going to let out this damn inner freak and embrace her and live again.

What a strange ride my life is becoming....and I couldn't be happier.

First...the song I probably will perform....when the auditions happen

Second...this song just screams burlesque and the girl I'm going with loves Rob Zombie, too.  I sense a potential routine!!  I wonder how hard it is to get tassels on pasties to twirl in opposite directions...hmmm....guess one never knows until they try!!  Tee hee hee.

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